Sunday, September 05, 2004

I've tried my hardest to stay semi-up to date in my blogging, but somehow this summer I've managed to miss blogging several important things. I could just tack them all on here, but I don't like the disorderliness of getting the chronology messed up. I could just sneak posts in at the proper times, but then you would miss out on getting to see them. So I've opted for the middle ground: I've inserted new posts in old spots, but I'll give links to them here.

So if you're interested in reading about the second day of our adventure with Gretchyn, or some of my dad's trip (like the visit to Legoland or to visit old friends of ours or to retrace some of my grandfather's WWII steps), or Annabelle's birthday party, you will now be able to!

I've been working on these catch-up posts for over a month now, and it feels so good to be finally caught up. Except for those 350 pictures I took in Russia--still need to take care of getting those posted! You'll be happy to learn though that I have gone through the Moscow shots and am ready to start blogging the first half of the trip. I hope to have the St. Petersburg photos ready to go soon.

Mom is still stranded here. We're enjoying our extra time with her, but I know it's driving her crazy to be watching the storm from half a world away. We talked to Dad and Jenny a little while ago, and they have been without power since early this morning.

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