Friday, July 09, 2004

[Composed at a later date--August 30]

One of the neat parts of living where we do is being able to hop over to a different country (in this case France) for a day just because you can. We started off in Strassbourg, where we had lunch at a nice little sidewalk cafe:

The scenery in Strassbourg is so pretty. I love all the half-timber buildings, like this one:

And the cathedral is always an impressive sight:

Annabelle had a close encounter with a mime in the square in front of the cathedral:

After Strassbourg, we headed south toward Colmar and then west to a little town called Kaysersberg:

My grandfather won a Bronze Star in Kaysersberg back in WWII, so I'm thinking we probably enjoyed the town a good deal more than he did. It's just one cute building after another, like this one:

And this one:

After Kaysersberg, we hustled back into Germany and over to Freiburg so that I could try to find a garden gargoyle that I saw in a store there last year. We found the store, but they were fresh out of gargoyles, though they would have happily ordered me one for $70 or so. I took a pass on that, and we headed north towards home.

Remind me never to drive in Freiburg again, OK? It's a miracle that I made it into and out of town without taking out a bicyclist or 2. Or 3.

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