Sunday, July 11, 2004

[And yet another post from the future--August 30, to be exact.]

The weekend after Scotland, Dad and I were too exhausted to contemplate doing much of anything. The NEXT weekend, however, we set off with the kids on a roadtrip to visit Irena and Christian, who are friends of mine and students of my dad's from Stetson.

We arrived the afternoon of Saturday, June 12, and went to an anniversary celebration that Christian's company was having. The kids and I set off with Irena in a horse-drawn carriage while Christian showed Dad the way to the beer. The kids were terribly impressed by the bungee trampolines and the rock-climbing wall, while Dad was terribly impressed by the bartender, who saw to it that he never had an empty glass:

That evening they took us out for an amazingly good meal, and we stayed up late chatting and visiting. Christian and Irena have 4 daughters, and Annabelle really hit it off this time with their 8-year-old Magdalena. She and "Maggie" played hangman in a combination of German and English at supper, and Annabelle was delighted to be invited to spend both nights in Magdalena's room:

We started Sunday with a typical German breakfast of rolls with coldcuts and cheese, croissants smeared with Nutella, and fresh cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices. We went out to a tennis club to watch their oldest daughter, Katherina, compete in the finals of a tournament. Maybe our enthusiastic cheering had something to do with her winning the tournament!

Irena took us to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and then we went to a children's fest sponsored by their church. That night Irena made the chicken satay that my kids were hoping she would make for us. (They always rave about Irena's cooking so much that I'm sure she must suspect I never feed them. The truth is though that she really is amazing!)

Weekends with Irena and Christian and their girls always go by too quickly. Before we knew it, it was Monday morning and time to head for home. We're looking forward though to the end of October, when we hope that they will join us for a traditional American Halloween just like last year.

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