Wednesday, July 14, 2004

[Another post from the future! Greetings from August 9, 2004.]

When we went to Legoland in the spring with my brother-in-law's family, they were running a fantastic deal on season passes, so I bought them for me and the kids. At the time I had very ambitious plans of visiting not only the German park at least another time or 2 but also hitting the parks in England and Denmark. As the summer wore on though, it became apparent that we'd be doing good just to get back to the German park one more time. I decided that it would be a fun day trip to take with my theme-park-hating father.

Dad actually was a much better sport at Legoland than he is at Disney World. He enjoyed seeing the miniature Europe constructed out of Lego, such as this smaller rendition of Neuschwanstein castle:

Can you spot the real Einstein in this picture?

We took in the 3-D movie, which was hokier than most I've seen at places like Disney World. Here are Dad and the kids sporting their new eyewear:

I like the low-stress atmosphere at Legoland. Dad snapped this picture of me taking a nap while the kids enjoyed one of the playgrounds:

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