Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another poem by Annabelle 

Ever since she started writing poems a couple weeks ago, Annabelle has been unstoppable. She has churned out poems about books, poems about Neopets, poems about the circus and about moving. Last night she wrote one about war.

Unbiased reader that I am, I thought it was outstanding and suggested she should put it on her blog. She was hesitant though, because "what would Republicans think?" I'm not hampered by such concerns, so I asked if I could post it here, and she said yes. How freakin' sweet is she though to not want to alienate her right-wing readership?! Anyway, here's her poem:

My grandparents were just kids
Growing up in World War Two.
I'm growing up in the Iraqi war,
But I'm sick of war, aren't you?

People just do nothing
Besides kill and fight.
A gun fires, a cannon blows,
I think that's just not right.

Before you go to war, ask yourself
"Will this really do?"
If you say no, I'll be proud
And I bet you will, too.

Should send it to some key leaders...a child's perspective is often simple, yet very powerful...
Yikes, I don't want to go that far yet!
Good poem. Very good.
And I like the sentiments.
I'm forwarding your comment to Annabelle, Karla. She loves fan mail!
better late than never...

Excellent thoughts, excellent words. Key leaders might not listen, but their 'bosses' might...

I'll have to run it by a real right winger and see what she thinks ;)
Gosh, Chris, where on earth would you find a real right winger? ;-)
She liked the poem, as I expected she would. Annabelle need not worry -- Even Republicans can see clearly sometimes. ;)
I'll pass that along to Annabelle. She'll be so relieved!
I agree with Fred. I think Annabelle should send to top leaders or maybe one of the cable news networks.
Mom, I forwarded your comment to AB. She is certainly flattered by all this positive feedback! :-)
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