Saturday, May 07, 2005

JAG Prom 2005 

Well, tonight was the JAG prom that I told you about back in March. I went back and forth as to whether or not I would go at all, but I did wind up going and I had a great time.

I went with my friends Amy and Phil, but I also took a rodent date of my own. The kids insisted that I allow Pux to escort me, as he is always dressed for a black-tie occasion. I added my rhinestone JAG pin to his top hat for that special added flair. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better--the formal one I paid 15 euro for or the candid one that Amy took for free--so I'm posting them both:

Because of Fred's ongoing deployment as well as his recent promotion, I was invited to sit at the head table. My friend Jane even left flowers for me at my place! It was a really good experience, although I did feel like I was playing grown-up at times. Don't worry though--I never scratched with the wrong fork.

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