Friday, March 25, 2005

Let's go shopping together 

The JAG prom is coming up in early May. I'm still not 100% certain that I'm going, but I figure it can't hurt to look at dresses. Since it's so much more fun to shop with your friends than to shop alone, I've assembled a few likely candidates here for you to examine.

Dress A, an embroidered georgette dance dress, comes to us from Talbots.com, which offers this description: "A layer of georgette, embroidered allover with ribbon, overlays satin. Fitted scoop-neck bodice, back zip, satin ribbon belt, bias-cut skirt." The length from the natural waist is 26 inches:

My invisible friend and shopper extraordinaire Dawn M. introduced me to Overstock.com, where I found Dress B, which features a black velvet bodice with removable black floral corsage, pink tulle mesh over a pink stretch lining, and black velvet trim. It measures approximately 31 inches from bodice to hem:

The next 2 dresses come from Nordstrom.com and are identical except in color. They both have "iridescent beading and a figure-flattering ruched bodice." The skirt is approximately 28.5 inches long.

Dress C is aqua colored:

And Dress D is red:

Dawn gets another shout of thanks for setting me on to Bluefly.com, where I found this next dress. Dress E is by Betsey Johnson and is made out of flowing, sheer pleated organza with a pink satin bow in back. The skirt measures approximately 25 inches from natural waist to hem:

There you have it, the top contenders! Offer me feedback, criticism, whatever. Also, feel free to send alternative suggestions if you have any. Just keep in mind that I would prefer not to wear solid black and that I have set an arbitrary budget of $200 but less is always better. My plan is to order 3 dresses in the next few days, try them on here at home, and then return the losers.

So get shopping! And hey . . . let's be careful out there.

my vote is this order

Dress A, C, D, B, E

and matching biker shorts
A would be my personal choice. As for the others, I don't like bows (E)that close to my backside for obvious reasons, the blk & pink (B) reminds me of an old ballet costume from 2nd grade and the deep V'd ones (C/D)make me wonder if there are any cool shawls/wraps to accompany it.
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