Friday, December 09, 2005

Farewell to the Luisenpark 

Long-time readers may remember one of the very first excursions the kids and I made off-post after we arrived in Germany--the Luisenpark in downtown Mannheim. We decided that we needed to make a point of getting Fred to the park before the move, so late this past August we all set off together to explore it one more time. Even though several months have passed since that day, I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from it here so that it might seem a little more real and a little less like a really nice dream.

Never forget the storks and their nests high in the trees:

Never forget how willing German kids are to strip off their clothes and frolic in any available water:

Never forget how pretty the water lilies were:

Never forget how much fun it was to live in a country that's not dominated by fear of lawsuits and rising insurance premiums:

And most of all, never forget the warm air, the beautiful colors, and how good it felt to be together again:

Something that brings me to tears? Right here, folks.

Patty (Phdrwd)
Patty, you are SO sweet!
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