Saturday, September 17, 2005

London, Day 5: Waiting to go home 

Our flight back to Germany didn't leave until well past supper time, which gave us most of the day to just float about London, taking random photos. Before we checked out of the hotel, I snapped this shot of the rodents enjoying a final moment in our upscale neighborhood.

We left our luggage with the concierge and headed out on foot. We stopped by Shepherd's Market, where I took a picture of this rather quaint pub. I'm sure they'd never let us eat there though:

We made one last trip to Harrods and then wandered around in a science museum for a while before enjoying one last meal at Pret. We did a little window shopping, a little real shopping (hooray, Borders!), and Fred found a little cafe that called his name (literally):

Our trip to the airport and our flight home were nicely uneventful. I'm sure there are lots of little details that I'm forgetting--it was, after all, almost 2 months ago--but it truly was just kind of a this-and-that day.

And now I have successfully blogged our trip to London. Don't worry about me getting bored though. I still have to work through over a hundred photos from our Normandy trip the following week. Stay tuned!

I have had many a pint at that there pub. I like that little area of London. We are going to London on the 24th for a week. Want some Pret mailed to you?

So are you going to write about being back home and the adjustments thereof?

And, just between you and me (and the fact that I don't think my hubby reads your blog, so I can blab "the big secret") I think we are going to get transferred to Dubai. It's all in the hush-hush planning stage, so no dates yet, but it seems pretty definite.

But, for now, just between us bloggers. I'm still not writing about it on my blog, yet, until I know for certain.
Yes, I'm working on my new blog, but I just haven't had the time to get it ready to launch. I'm currently in FL to pick up my car and cat and am just enjoying hanging out with my parents and sister and eating at all my favorite places.

Ack, Dubai!? And how do we FEEL about that? Personally, I'm alarmed. Do the Powers That Be not realize what a cool flat you've got?

Oh, and yes, definitely send some Pret. I'll have a chicken with avocado sandwich, and Annabelle would love some miso soup.
I just read this post and thought, "Shit, did Bonnie go back to Europe to visit already? Sweet!" That's how little attention I actually pay to what anyone is doing at any given time. I'm sure it's because I'm so consumed by my children.
Oh. That was me, Deana. Like you couldn't guess.
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