Sunday, August 21, 2005

A moving experience 

Moving back to the States is proving to be about as much fun as moving to Germany was. Everything was going along well enough until late last week, when our plans for shipping my minivan to Florida fell apart at the seams. I had already booked plane tickets for me and the kids to go down and pick up the car (and cat) when I got an email from the shipper telling me that the ship we were scheduled for had been canceled. The new plan, according to the shipper, was to put the van on a ship that SHOULD arrive sometime around September 26. Great, except that I need to be leaving Florida on September 26, as we will be going to Charlottesville on October 1.

So I found a different agent who found us another ship to put the van on. The next new plan was for us to drop the van off on Monday to have it trucked to Bremerhaven on Tuesday to catch the boat on Friday. When the agent called to confirm, however, he found out that the ship was leaving early--on Monday! And that is how Fred and I came to spend our last Saturday in Germany making a 1-day trip up to Bremerhaven to drop the van off at the port. Ugh.

Tomorrow they come for the hold baggage, that small shipment of household goods that will be transported by air and should arrive within a month. I'd say we're about 90% ready for the packers, but we're beat, and we're going to bed. We'll finish up in the morning.

I am so hopelessly behind with my London and Normandy pictures. I am working on them, I promise, but computer time is really scarce these days. Bear with me!

Holy Frijoles. Chill. The pictures can wait.
Oh, that was me, by the way. Deana, that is.
From one of your cyber fans, I am going to miss reading your adventures. I loved the Harry Potter costume, your daughter made. Adorable! I am the one who spent 3 years at Ft Knox, so if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with, feel free to ask away. We just signed for orders to Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach Fl, near your home isn't it?
Oh and a very happy birthday to your daughter. And also so very glad your husband made it home safe.
Good Luck to you and yours
Rena Strickland
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