Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Happy birthday, Annabelle! 

Today our little girl has reached the age of double digits. Yes, I'm talking about the big ONE-OH!

Because we have summer babies and because we move every other summer, that means that every other year one or both of the kids winds up having their birthday amid packing boxes or in an empty house. This is Annabelle's empty-house birthday, as the remainder of our junk went away yesterday, leaving us with just what we can put in our suitcases, give to our friends, and mail to ourselves in Kentucky.

I expect that she will have a nice birthday in spite of that. For one thing, our internet connection is still chugging along, and I will try to give her extra time with her neopets today, even though it pains me to not be working on my photos. And this evening, we will go to Winger's for supper and then come home to feast on brownies, which she much prefers to cake.

Here's a picture from when my baby truly WAS a baby:

Feel free to leave a comment or send an email wishing AB a happy birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday! I love that baby picture. So cute!! Welcome to the world of double digits. I remember finding out ten years ago that I had a brand new baby niece, and I was sooooo excited! It was my first day of classes my Senior year of college, and I was telling everybody, "My sister just had a baby, and it's a girl!" I love you! Ninny
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Annabelle!!! Wow....10 years old! That's a big leap, going from one number to two. I know your house is empty, but I hope you have a good day anyway! ::sending happy birthday wishes and fairy dust::
Happy Birthday Annabelle!! Hope you have a great day. I posted a Happy Birthday message on your blog too but thought I better post one here too to be sure you'd see it. Oh, you'll have to change the part on your blog where it talks about what it's like to be a nine year old girl since you're ten now. :-) Have a brownie for me too please.
Happy belated b-Day, AB. Officially a 'tween' I think!
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