Friday, August 26, 2005


For the past several months, I've been following the anonymous blog Chez Miscarriage (subtitle: Who Says Infertility Can't Be Funny?). It's the story of a DES daughter who fought a herculean battle against infertility and won, having recently brought home her newborn son, the product of gestational surrogacy. She has announced plans to take a maternity leave from her blog to give herself time to enjoy her new baby and to figure out where to go (if anywhere) with her blog:

In addition, it's become clear to me that I need to reconfigure this blog, to develop a new direction and a new theme. That's going to take some time and thought. By definition, the blog can't continue to be what it once was - a journal of my trip through recurrent pregnancy loss. It has to become something new, and I don't know what that new thing is yet. Maybe I'll feel compelled to write about parenting. Maybe I'll feel compelled to write about parenting after infertility. Maybe I'll want to write about my internal conflict regarding trying to conceive another child, given the time and expense and potential heartache involved. I don't know yet - but I know that I need some time to figure it out.
I can relate. She started a blog that was sad and wound up with one that is happy. I started out with a happy blog, got sad, got mad, got a little bit goofy and a little political, got tired, got lucky, and got happy again.

In 24 hours, we will no longer be "The Taylors in Europe." We will be the Taylors in Kentucky, which doesn't sound half as exciting. Truth be told though, I'm looking forward to a little peace and quiet. The past 2 years have pushed the limits of my tolerance for excitement.

I do plan on keeping my blog, but--like the writer at Chez Miscarriage--I don't know what direction it will take. Maybe you'll get to hear more about the trials and tribulations (and, I hope, triumphs) of homeschooling. Maybe you'll get a lot of pictures of my cat. At this point it's hard to tell.

I have a few plans for the blog, a new name and maybe a facelift. My internet connection goes away this afternoon though, so any dreams I might have had for finishing off my European chronicles before then are not likely to come true.

Thanks for hanging out with me over here for the past 2 years. I really cannot express how much your supportive comments and emails have meant to me. I've rewritten this last paragraph a half a dozen times, and I just can't seem to find the right way to sign off. So I'll just say . . .

Auf wiedersehen!

I know just what you mean. I@ve just come home after two years in Japan. Suddenly I dont know what to do with my blog either.
I do however think the Taylors in Kentucky sound just great
Thanks, Bonnie for the past two years! It has been very enjoyable reading about your family and your travels. I loved sharing it with my family members and friends. I am sad you are leaving Germany. As a Navy wife, we never had the opportunity to be stationed there, but you made me feel like I was almost there. Best wishes with your new home and I would love to see pictures of your cat!
Great job!! We look forward to reading about your new adventures. It will be nice to have you all closer to home. Eddie is looking forward to seeing his peeps.

Mom and Dad
What do you mean cat? I thought you were going to have "cats" in Kentucky?

Have a safe return home.

I had been wondering if you were going to continue your blog once you got back to the states.

I must admit I started reading this blog however long ago because I'm fascinated with Europe, but I would be sad to stop reading about you and your wonderful family even once you are are in Kentucky!

Besides, I'm sure Kentucky has lots of blog-worthy things going on! :)

Hope you have a good trip home.
I'm going to England this fall with my family. I was wondering if you had any more useful advice about going on the watership down hike? We've been searching around, and it sounds sorta complicated. Did you save any directions that you'd be willing to share?

Hi, Anonymous--
Please send me an email (bonald@aol.com), and I'll see what details I can dig up. It's an amazing trip!
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