Sunday, August 28, 2005

And so this is jet lag 

Well, we did it. We up and moved to Kentucky.

We left the house at about 6:00 Friday night and went to dinner with some friends a couple hours later. We meant to go eat almost immediately, but first we had to wait for the friend Mike invited to get done with football practice. Then, once we had taken the streetcar and hiked to our favorite schnitzel place for one last schnitzel, we found that THEY WERE CLOSED FOR VACATION!!!! How could they do that to me? Apparently, I had had my last schnitzel the week before, and I didn't even know it, so I was unable to properly appreciate it. If I were the type to pepper my blog with frowny faces, let me assure you that I would insert a frowny face RIGHT HERE. We rallied, however, and got back on the streetcar and headed in the opposite direction for Italian food.

After supper, both kids got pretty upset when we said goodbye to our friends. There was a moderate degree of wailing and gnashing of teeth, but they had calmed down and were feeling fairly positive by the time we went to bed.

The next morning, we had a taxi pick us up at 6:30 and deliver us to the airport. We had had numerous offers from friends to drive us up there, but what we discovered from leaving Hawaii (having friends take us to the airport) and from leaving Texas (sneaking out like thieves into the night) is that the sneaking-like-thieves method makes for a much less messy emotional scene. That held true for us in Germany, and we were able to get on the plane with no fuss or bother.

The flights were fine, the drive to Ft. Knox from the airport was fine, and we arrived here a mere 18 hours after we left Germany. We are staying at the St. George House, which is an absolutely charming 3-bedroom, 2-bath house that the woman Fred is replacing at work managed to hook us up with.

After we unloaded the luggage, we set off in search of supper and drove through our new neighborhood on the way. By this point, Mike's nerves were pretty much shot and he was not what you might call "positive" about the whole Kentucky thing. In fact, he was scheming to get his butt back on a plane to Germany ASAP and trying to figure out which friends would be willing to house him for how long. We dined at Applebee's and capped off the evening with a visit to the Walmart Supercenter (so THAT is where everybody hangs out on a Saturday night!) and fell into bed immediately upon returning back to our temporary home.

Perhaps you remember the book my Uncle Johnny and cousin Julie sent me to keep me occupied on the trip home? Well, I started it a few days ago, was about 100 pages into it when I got on the plane yesterday morning, and was within 30 pages of the end by the time we got to Ft. Knox. Unfortunately, I kept falling asleep last night when I tried to finish it off. So now that I'm up (at 6:00 a.m., thank you very much, and it's a miracle I got back to sleep at 3:00 a.m.), I think I'll go see what happens next.

Welcome back to the states! You get to experience the hype of a hurricane, and it's a biggie. May you keep your power and not get flooded, even though you're pretty far inland. For the coffee drinkers in the family (Fred), make sure you know where your Coleman stove is at all times. Putting "hot" water from the tap with instant coffee stirred in is burrsgusting!
So that explains Katrina! I didn't know you were stateside until I talked to your mom. Now I understand why the weather has gone haywire. The weather witch is back! I wonder what weather phenomenon KY can look forward to.

Welcome Home!
Glad you are stateside now! Can't wait to see yall. Oh yes, I recall the departure in Hawaii very well, seems like it was only yesterday though. Miss you! Now you are, I think a little over 6 hours away so it's at least doable to visit. :-) Get some sleep and I'll be checking in to see the new title soon.
welcome back!
Welcome back and all that.

When you make it back near DC, let us know. I'm sure the mice would enjoy seeing the sights here...
Wow, good luck to you, Bonnie. I guess you'll all have quite a bit of readjusting to do. I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Germany and I'm sure lots of people want to know what life in Kentucky is like, so keep on writing!
Welcome to Kentucky! Your aunt said you would be my "neighbor" and I thought I would offer my therapy services. Following the adventures in Europe, you are going to need it here in KY! :-)

Hope to meet you one day soon!
Oh, cool, therapy! Bring it on!! :-)
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