Monday, July 04, 2005

Juggler on the roof 

Sometimes I think my neighbors should have to pay admission for the privilege of watching the freakshow that is my life. It dawned on me yesterday that one of the things I meant to do before Fred came home was learn to ride my unicycle. (I also meant to lose 5 pounds, but that ain't happenin' by Wednesday.) Mike got bored with walking up and down beside me, holding my hand, so I fashioned my own training wheels out of a garbage can, which I pushed up and down the street:

Then Mike decided that it would be fun to ride his unicycle on the roof of our carport:

And then he started juggling up there:

Meanwhile, Scott and Lisa and their friends from Buffalo sat in their yard and enjoyed the show:

You guys are nuts...
Scott & Liza and friends look like my kind of group...
You give new meaning to the word Re-CYCLE. Love, Jenny
I don't know you can keep one-wheeled contraptions. I will take the beer and the foot massage, a la Scott and Lisa.

Did you learn to ride your uni?
Well, you won't be able to say the Circus School was not a good investment!
I'm working on my uni-riding. I still have almost 13 hours to work on it before Fred comes home. If I don't sleep, that is.

And Karla, Circus School was an especially good investment--FREE! Such a bargain, eh?
Riding on the carport. That's cool. Can the X-games of circus skills be far behind?
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