Monday, July 18, 2005

It might not be easy being green . . . 

. . . but it sure is a welcome change from khaki:

Fred went back to "work" this morning. I say "work," because he doesn't have an office or even a job really. He does have some paperwork to finish up from Iraq, so I guess he'll do that for the next couple of weeks. Then he'll go back on leave for most of August, which is when we will do our last round of traveling.

I have got loads to catch up on from this past week, but I thought I would pop in just long enough to announce that things are officially back to normal. Whatever normal might be.

Hi Bonnie

So glad to get an update that things are getting back to the crazy normal that they used to be. :-) Enjoy the time you have left in Germany, wish I could have come to visit yall.

Ivy, I wish you guys could visit too! Wouldn't we have fun?!
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