Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Buy candy from these people! 

Shameless advertising coming up here!

Back when the latest Star Wars flick was in the theaters, our PX had a display of special M&M candies that were part of a Star Wars promotion. My friend Amy discovered that the dark chocolate M&Ms were especially tasty, and once she introduced them to me, I also went to the Dark Side.

It was a sad day in Mannheim when all the dark chocolate M&Ms were gone, so Amy and I set out on a quest to find more. Everywhere we went, we were always on the lookout, but we never struck gold.

Amy's birthday was coming up in early July, and I knew that dark M&Ms would be the perfect present for her, so I secretly broadened the search to the internet and found them at Carol's Candy Corner. I bought out Carol's remaining 14 bags and sat back to wait.

The package from Carol's Candy Corner arrived about a week later (excellent shipping time for over here!). When I opened it up, I was puzzled to see a small gift bag of assorted treats. The handwritten note on the invoice explained it all:

Thank you for your purchase. We appreciate all that you do and the sacrifices made. We enclosed a little thank you gift. Take care!

I could scarcely believe my eyes! There are any number of mainstream businesses out there that for whatever reason refuse to ship to APO addresses. And here was a business that was actually sending something EXTRA because I had an APO address?! That gesture really touched me.

So please remember Carol for all your candy buying needs!

The M&Ms are very tasty. Thank you Bonnie. I will share with you anytime. Amy
is it that they refuse to ship to APO or that they can't? I've always wondered. I always assumed that it was because of postal regs, not a hatred of taking soldier's money...
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