Thursday, June 30, 2005

The post that just won't be 

A couple of months ago, I wrote an email to Fred about watching the finale of the most recent season of Survivor with the kids. That show was one of our guilty pleasures as a family before he deployed, and the kids and I kept up the tradition every Friday night (seen a day later on AFN) even though it wasn't as much fun without Fred. Anyway, Fred casually wrote back something like, "One of the guys I work with here was on the second season of Survivor. Really good guy."

Excuse me, but No. Freakin'. Way! And you were going to mention this WHEN? Apparently, I'm more of a celebrity groupie than I was aware of, because this bit of news just about stopped my heart cold.

Make sure you get a picture of the 2 of you together, I instructed Fred. He assured me that he would, but when he got back to Baghdad after this recent round of travels, Captain Survivor (as I had come to think of him) had gone on R&R and won't be back until after Fred is home. Alas, the post that I had lovingly entitled "Two Survivors" will never be.

I'll get over it though, because my survivor is coming home! As a matter of fact, he should be on his way to Kuwait as I'm typing this.

yay! he's finally outta there!
Thanks! We're getting pretty excited. :-)
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