Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pictures of random things that make me happy 

I just haven't had many blog-worthy events happening lately. I suppose I could whine incessantly about the move, but how boring would that be? Sure, I could vent about the customs inspectors who blew off our appointment yesterday. Or I could confess that my method is moving from methodical sorting and purging to more of a maniacal "pack it all, we'll figure it out in Kentucky" approach. Ho hum. So instead, I shall offer you an assortment of photos that make me happy. Here they are, alphabetical by file name:

Oh My Goodness! You are such a perfect candidate for digi-scrapping! Can't wait to see your first digi-page!
Those are some beautiful cereal bowls. Oh, Love the shoes!!!!!
OK, I'm jealous. Perfect garden, gorgeous ceramics (I am SO buying one of those butter thingies), nicely pedicured toes in cute Birks, and then I see your preparation for the move...and my jealousy turns to hate.
I am trying to organize for our move, and just this afternoon I nearly died in a terrible shoe avalanche that nearly suffocated me. Tags on your kitchen cabinets? I can barely find my kitchen!
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