Thursday, June 16, 2005

Happy 15th Anniversary! 

In honor of our anniversary (second consecutive one spent apart thanks to this deployment), here are a couple wedding photos. First, do you know how HEAVY all those roses can be? Verrrrry heavy:


I'm not feeling very creative this year, but last year I made a slideshow for Fred that I thought turned out rather nice.

Happy Anniversary, guys! I remember when those wedding photos were taken. I was 17 years old and thought I knew everything. Sigh! Anyway, Happy, Happy, and Fred, we're countin' down the days till you get home. Love, Jenny
I know I'm commenting on two posts in a row...but I just wanted to say happy anniversary! I loved the slide show, and I was shocked at how much Mike looks like Fred when he was younger!
Dear Bonnie and Fred,
Happy Anniversary!! Have been thinking about you both today and remembering this day 15 years ago.
The slide show still makes me sparkle.
Love, Mom/Jeannie
Happy Anniversary. Our 15th was on Thursday too. Nice pictures.
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