Friday, June 24, 2005

The grass is always greener . . . anyplace other than my yard 

Grrr . . . it just shouldn't be this hard to water the stupid grass! I made it through last summer with a hose that was poorly attached to our back yard faucet, but this year I wanted to do better. I actually had 2 hoses--the poorly attached one and one that wouldn't attach at all. I took the one that wouldn't work at all to Self Help (where you get all the stuff you need for maintaining your government quarters absolutely free), hoping they would swap it out for a new one that might actually work.

The guy at Self Help was horrified at the notion of ditching this hose, which is--he promised me--a "beddy, beddy good hose!" So instead he sent me home with the beddy, beddy good hose and a baggie of brass fittings that would make it attach once I had Housing come out and put a new faucet on for me. I called in the work order and had the faucet guy come out, and it was indeed like a miracle. No leakage at all where the hose met the faucet! But then the sprinkler stopped working.

So I went back to Self Help this afternoon with the busted sprinkler, and they gave me a different one. THIS one has some funky weird connection that required me to cut the end off my beddy, beddy good hose and screw on said new connection. Like an idiot, I cut the hose without double checking that it would FIT the connection, and it doesn't.

Now I have a hose that I cannot attach anything to--sprinkler, sprayer, NOTHING. And a faucet that I cannot attach any hose to except for the not so beddy, beddy good hose. And the grass just keeps getting browner. Stupid grass.

take hose back to self help with all the fittings and the sprinkler and ask for their help...I bet they will help...sorry it is all such a pain...
Believe me, that's where I'm going first thing tomorrow! I don't think I'll drag the whole hose with me though . . . just the poor little end that I hacked off with a kitchen knife.
Hi Bonnie-- boy can I empathize! Self Help is a hoot. They can be really mean here at FK until you keep smiling so much they want you to go away..... Also, they make you carry a self help card, which I promptly lost after signing for quarters.... FK actually is one of the nicer places for housing maintenance-- they are super nice to us.

The beddy beddy good hose man here in Mannheim is actually beddy beddy nice. He really has gone out of his way to help me with my hose problem, and he isn't the one who gave me the new sprinkler and told me to cut the hose. His sidekick did that. But all's well that ends well, as my neighbor swapped out the hose and sprinkler and now I can water the dirt.
I was axiously awaiting news on the hose situation. ...glad you can now water your dirt.
I will have the best mud on the block.
You know what they say--when the world hands you mud,make mud pies--or something like that.
Does self help have grass seeds?
Mom, I left my sprinkler on all night, and now I do indeed have mud pies.

Claire, yes, Self Help has grass seed. I have 2 bags that have been sitting in the back of my van for over a week now. It doesn't seem to be helping.
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