Monday, June 06, 2005

The final month? 

I was hoping that maybe we would know today whether or not Fred will be able to make the July 6 flight home, but alas, we don't. It's very possible though that we have entered our final month of this deployment. If not today, then next Sunday, one month from the July 12 flight. I'm too beat tonight to write more, but I didn't want to let the potential occasion pass by without any comment. :::tossing a little confetti in the air and heading for bed:::

Will continue to pray for Fred's safety for the coming month (being optimistic about the July 6th flight) and that packing and traveling will be smooth and safe for all.
Yep, I remember how hard it was moving over here a couple of years ago and that was just me. I'd hate to have to do it all by myself, plus a couple of kiddos. I'm dreading having to move my cat the next time around.

And yes, I'd be torn between packing and squeezing in last minute trips to hit any places I hadn't been to yet. That's why I'm determined to do plenty of traveling this summer. For all I know it'll be my last.
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