Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An experiment in grossology 

SOMEBODY left this banana peel on my coffee table this afternoon:

I do not know which somebody it was, but I know this much is true: That is not my banana peel. And as it is not MY banana peel, I am not going to pick it up. No matter how much it pains me, no matter how simple it would be to just grab it on my next pass through the living room and toss it into the trash, I am not going to do it.

WHY am I not going to do it? Because I am sick and damn tired of picking up after people. I have enough trouble picking up after myself, but even I would never just leave a banana peel lying on the coffee table like it's this month's Southern Living.

It is going to sit there until it naturally decomposes or until somebody (NOT ME!!!) picks it up and moves it to the trash. I will, however, take its picture occasionally and post it here so that you may follow The Great Banana Peel Strike of 2005.

UPDATE: It's 9:30 p.m., and the banana peel fairy just visited the Taylor home. I still don't know whose banana peel it was, but I saw Annabelle taking it to the trash just a little while ago. If it wasn't her peel, bless her little heart. And if it was her peel . . . eh, bless her little heart anyway. The Great Banana Peel Strike of 2005 has ended.

Hahaha, very funny mom. I'm not sure if it was my peel, I don't think I peeled my bana that I had today like that. So there is one last peroson who could have done it. Mike. Case closed.
You could always get DNA and fingerprints.
Maybe we should just stick to guessing.....
But... what if the banana peel had slipped onto the floor (because of a strong breeze or other act of God...) and then a passing stranger (inside your home...) had slipped on the banana peel, fallen and broken a hip. Would your (bonnie's) act of failing to pick up the peel have been the proximate cause of the stranger's injury, thus giving rise to tort liability?

How is your answer different in a comparative negligence state versus a contributory negligence state?

Because the banana peel is located within the boundary of an American military concern within an EU country, how does the US/NATO SOFA impact the status of the peel and the ability of said passing stranger to file a claim under the foreign claims act?

... :)
I think the more pertinent question is...Are poor misunderstood endangered European hornents attracted to decomposing banana peels? Good thing somebody took action, whether it was actually her peel or not.
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