Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well, 11 crates of crap later, it's all over. Unless, of course, you count the part of the festivities where you THOUGHT you were a reasonably clean person living in a reasonably clean house and then all your furniture disappeared and you could SEE the big scary dustbunnies. That part of the fun is just beginning. Back, bunnies! Back!

Hi Bonnie,

Just got your comment about the Czech bathing beauties! Oh my! Anyway, I thought I'd check out your blog when I saw you were in Germany. I used to live on Ramstein AB (my ex-husband is in the AF).

Have a great day!
Eileen the Jellomonster
Oh, I love to go to Ramstein! Visiting Air Force facilities is like visiting rich relatives.
I've been reading your blog for awhile now (found you through, um, Suburban Bliss I think). We were an AF family stationed at Aviano AB for 4 years, and I love reliving that whole time through your writings.... Good luck with the move.
Thanks, Melanie! So far it has gone well. Of course, it could arrive in KY in the form of toothpicks, but that won't happen for several months anyway.
Hi Bonnie....You are doing a great job. Army wives are a breed unto themselves (well, most of them anyway) and can handle stuff that would totally push a civilian into a nervous breakdown.

Curious? You gonna clean the quarters yourself for clearance or gonna hire someone? My advice...hire it done otherwise you are gonna have a hellava time clearing (don't ask me how I know). They assured me that no kickback is made.

Bill Terry in Fort Walton Beach, FL, former denizen of BFV
Get this, Bill! Apparently, there is no buy-out option here for cleaning upon clearance. I think that is pretty weak, as whatever it might cost, I would consider it to be an absolute bargain. Oh, well, at least I don't have to worry about that until the end of August.
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