Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cracking me up since 1973 

I can always count on my sister for a good laugh. Just a little while ago, she sent me the following email:

MEEEEE! (We less computer-savvy people have to take a picture of the
screen with our cell phone.)
along with her South Park persona:

The kids are very impressed. "That looks just like Ninny!" they exclaimed, because yes, that's what they call her.

I wrote back to say I didn't know she had a camera phone and that I was totally jealous. Here is her response:

I don't have a camera phone. It belongs to a friend of mine. We even less technology-savvy people are content to use our rotary phones. : ) Will you forward my picture to Mom, if you haven't already deleted it?
Send it to Mom? Heck, I'll share it with the world!

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