Sunday, May 15, 2005

Well, would you look at THAT?! 

I have been meaning to go to bed in 15 minutes for at least the past 2 hours. I got caught up playing around with some video clips though, and here I am--still glued to the computer at almost 2:00 a.m.

One of the tapes I've been messing with is of Fred's Baghdad promotion. I've cut it down to the most essential 2 minutes, which I have uploaded here. The video quality falls apart a couple of times, but I'm not sure if that's something I'm doing or just something that's in the original.

I like the part where Fred realizes that he is now on a first-name basis with the colonel who did his promotion and that he has suddenly become a "sir" to one of his LTC friends in the audience. I also like the part where COL Dunn hammers the new rank onto his collar--I was tempted to do that myself at his last promotion and just might, in fact, do it when I have the chance this July. And finally, I like the part at the end (this is close-captioned for those who for whatever reason can't view the video, I guess) where he talks about how his dad always told him he would make colonel one day. "Dad, I am one!" My father-in-law is absolutely going to love that!

Wow! I haven't seen Melinda Dunn in years. I'm only sorry she isn't general Dunn (yet?)

Congrats to Fred (and the whole Taylor clan).
Awesome, Bon. Thanks for letting us "be there." He looks pretty happy.
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