Saturday, May 21, 2005

Watch out, Dr. Demento! 

Baby steps, baby steps! I've spent the better part of this rainy Saturday working on my computer. My D drive is still a disaster, but my C drive can breathe again.

I started working on my Venice photos but quickly got overwhelmed. It's almost impossible to take a picture in Venice that isn't beautiful or interesting, so I've got quite a stack (digitally speaking, of course) to sort through. I decided to take a break and work on this short video clip of my 2 crazy kids in St. Mark's Square (click on the picture to view using Windows Media Player):

We had a great time with the pigeons that day. Mike forged a particularly close bond with this one whom he named Steve:

The picture of your son and the pigeon would be GREAT for my big head blog.


I'm going to Venice tomorrow. I'm a bit wigged out by birds landing on me. what if you DON'T want them on you?
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