Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Please let it be noted for the record 

I cooked supper tonight. I don't do that very often anymore. About halfway through the deployment, I discovered that our local pizza joint DELIVERS, and somehow that set a tone for the past few months.

Tonight though, I went all out: Salmon marinated in Soy Vay's Island Teriyaki and cooked on the good ol' George Foreman, a cooker full of hot steamed jasmine rice, peas for the kids and a kilo of Spargel for me, along with my friend Tess's butter-mustard-vinegar-honey sauce. Mmmm . . .

Tomorrow it will once again be Cap'n Crunch for everybody, but tonight . . . tonight was good.

I'm single parenting this weekend... I doubt we'll eat at home... unless its take out. :)
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