Friday, May 06, 2005

It's a baby mouse! 

We're home! (Did you miss me?)

Sandra, Theresa, and Heath are on their way to Holland for the weekend, but the kids and I are planning a quiet weekend at home. I'm sure I'll be spending the bulk of it working with my 100+ photos, getting them ready to upload.

Our big news from the trip is that there is a new rodent in the family. When we stopped at Neuschwanstein, Ratzo and Rizzo adopted baby Ludwig. He is my first rodent and my first Steiff as well. Here he is posing next to his ancestral home:

Even with their new parenting obligations, Ratzo and Rizzo were able to get away while in Venice for a romantic ride along the canal:

OK, so that photo is a fake, but I have lots of others that aren't. Stay tuned!

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