Sunday, May 15, 2005

Caution: Evil genius at work 

It's not enough that my house is a disaster. I have a virtual mess to deal with as well: tons of picture to go through from our Venice trip; a hard drive that is almost totally full; 13 years worth of videotape to transfer to DVD.

Mike said that I looked like an absolute nerd tonight, sitting here in the dark surrounded by my computer, phone, 2 DVD burners, a digital still camera, and a digital video camera. I have 5 different firewire cables right here beside me on the couch! He took this picture using the nightvision setting to show me in my natural habitat:

My big accomplishment for today: I put my sister's high-school class play onto DVD. Do I get a cookie or something?

Burn Bonnie Burn!
Disco Inferno!
Burn, Bonnie, Burn!

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