Sunday, April 24, 2005

Very big day! 

Well, it's officially official now. Fred is a colonel, with eagles on his shoulders. Today was the first of his 2 promotion ceremonies, this one taking place at Camp Victory in Baghdad with the second one happening here in Germany this summer. I had hoped to have pictures to post, but Fred's computer is acting cranky this evening and won't let him get on. I do have this one though that he sent earlier:

I was, of course, sad to miss the ceremony, although I'm glad that it is a milestone that we can fairly easily re-create at a later date.

Jenny and I went with Amy and Sibylle out to the Hotel Morgenstern in the Odenwald this afternoon for cake and coffee. Sibylle bought a bottle of champagne as a post-cake treat, and her 6-year-old son Constantin took this picture of us (and his friend Benji) toasting Fred's success:


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