Wednesday, April 13, 2005

On the road again 

Well, our 3 week vacation at home is almost officially over, and it's time to get back to business: traveling. My sister arrives from Florida tomorrow morning, and the kids and I, along with our friends Amy and Rebecca, are going to grab her at the Frankfurt airport and head immediately for Holland.

We'll be staying in the Holiday Inn in Leiden, in case anybody needs to reach us. Current plan is to visit the Keukenhof garden on Friday and venture into Amsterdam on Saturday. Sunday, we drive home, maybe stopping off in Spangdahlem for a quick visit to a bazaar at the Air Force base.

Next week the kids and I are taking Jenny to Poland for one last orgy of pottery shopping. I figure we'll drive over on Wednesday, shop all day Thursday, and then arrive home late Thursday night.

I'm not taking the computer with me, but I promise to take lots of pictures of the pretty flowers . . . and of the rodents, wearing their tiny wooden shoes.

Dinner at the Argentine Steak House a part of the mix??? Best ribs around if memory serves me correctly?
We just got back from there. Missed you so much!
what about the special pottery items?
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