Saturday, April 30, 2005

Could we be any more ready to go to Venice? 

Probably not:

Pellet is horribly excited at the prospect of being the first rodent gondolier in the Venetian canals. Ratzo and Rizzo are going along for the romance and because Pellet has promised them discount tickets on his boat.

Our human companions for this trip are Sandra (a friend of Fred's from law school), her son Heath, and her friend Theresa. They arrived Thursday morning, and we've been having a great time together. Tonight I took them to Heidelberg to eat some schnitzel and climb up (and up and up and up) to see the castle.

Tomorrow we will drive to Garmisch, where we will stay the night at the Hotel Forsthaus. On Monday, we will make our way to Venice. We will spend 3 nights in the Holiday Inn Express in Quarto d'Altino, where we stayed last spring when we went with Frank and Teresa and their boys. When we start heading home on Thursday, we will stop for the night at the Hotel Krone in Attinghausen, Switzerland. I believe this will be the fifth time I've stayed there since 1987.

So there's our itinerary, in case anybody needs to reach us while we're on the road. Stay tuned for details and pictures next weekend!

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