Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Killing time 

It's not like I didn't have important things I could do this evening. I still haven't done our taxes, for example. I could have cleaned the kitchen. I could even have done something that is both productive and fun, like working on my scrapbooks. And I meant to do all of those things and more . . . just as soon as I caught up on my blog reading.

Funny how one thing can lead to another when I'm reading blogs. I started out at Suburban Bliss, which is becoming a regular stop on my daily stroll through Blogland. From there, I decided to check out some of the blogs listed in the sidebar, which is how I found myself at One Good Thing. That's where I read about the cartoon of a Norwegian farting pig.

I admit, I was curious. So I clicked the link and . . . nothing. No farting pig at all, Norwegian or otherwise. Now some people might just shrug and move on, but not I. Finding the farting pig became my new mission and skyrocketed up my list of priorities, leaving everything else in the dust.

So I googled. And I found a bunch of other blogs, all pointing me to the same dead link. But then finally . . . FINALLY . . . I struck gold! A blogger who had taken the time to download the file and post it to his website so that when the original file disappeared, the world did not have to suffer a permanent loss.

I am pleased to present to you . . . the Norwegian farting pig cartoon. (Be warned--this sucker takes a while to load! It's worth it though, at least according to Annabelle, who laughed her head off.)

Oh, dear, and now it's almost 9:00 p.m. Too late for tax preparing or kitchen cleaning or dragging out the ol' scrapbookin' supplies. Another evening gone by, and what do I have to show for it? A farting pig. Yet somehow I feel strangely at peace with this.

Sorry de snorry, Betsy!

Big en Betsy rules. I would encourage anyone out there to download this file to their local machine and watch it at least once a day. You'll never be unhappy again.
Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. One question, though -- How come the chickens follow the pig around? that seems dangerous, all things considered. And how come Betsy isn't offended by the eggs? This pigs S*&^ don't stink?
Maybe this is the rum talking, but I think the chickens are in cahoots with the flatulent pig. That was the consensus when we discussed it on my message board of invisible friends. I asked the Belgian chocolate man at today's bazaar though if he knew of that famour Belgian children's show Big en Betsy, and he looked at me as if I were high. "Um, my kids watch Spongebob," he said.
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