Friday, March 11, 2005

Getting ready to leave again 

You know how it is the night before a trip. You pack your bags. You gather your tickets, passports, and other important papers. You make little viking costumes for your rodents. Or wait--maybe we're the only ones who do that.

The rodents are ready for Denmark:

Let the pillaging and plundering begin--on a very small scale, of course.

Shades of "Flat Stanley". My grandson's school class assigned a project to the students to do a journal and pictures of Flat Stanley, a cardboard cutout about 10 inches high. He (grandson) somehow tricked my wife into doing the project. Well I tell you I have never been so embarrassed. She took that darn thing everywhere we went, taking pictures and even sent it to Hawaii and several other places. Flat Stanley at the beach, on a Harley, on a luau (sp?) and on and on. Thought it was a live person for a while...Not good for a gentleman of my age and high class stature - hee hee.

Gracious, your kids are growing fast!
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