Friday, March 18, 2005

Confessions of an unfit mother 

We are having some unbelievably gorgeous weather here in Mannheim. Neighbors are working in their yards, and Mike and Annabelle have spent all afternoon playing outside with their friends. Yes, it is indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I have been enjoying the peace and quiet afforded by having the kids out from under foot and have spent the afternoon tweaking my Denmark (and Sweden!) photos in the hopes of starting to blog them tonight while we watch Survivor. Mike popped in a few minutes ago to check the time and inquire as to my plans for dinner.

"Well," I said, "I was thinking about making oatmeal!" Oatmeal seems (to me anyway) to be the perfect ending to a lazy day like this one, and frankly there's not much else in the kitchen.

Mike's face fell a good 6 inches. "Oatmeal?" he snorted in disgust. "Everybody else is having cookouts and barbecues, and we're having OATMEAL?"

I need to redeem myself and fast. I think there might be a pizza in our future.

no pizza....send the kids out to get invitations to those cookouts.
All they need to do is say "please, sir, our mother is going to feed us mush." with their best Oliver face...smudge some dirt on their faces before you send them out.
We wound up eating the oatmeal. It was good, and now I can still order pizza when I need another emergency meal.
Oatmeal for dinner. I don't know if that makes you unfit, but it sure would make me unhappy :)
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