Friday, February 18, 2005

From the did-you-learn-to-whisper-in-a-sawmill files 

Sometimes it can be so neat watching kids acquire a second language. And then sometimes it can be so . . . not neat.

Tonight we went to dinner at our favorite schnitzel place for our last supper together on Fred's R&R. The table next to us was populated by a half dozen middle-aged German men. Over our salads, Mike announced excitedly (and loudly): "Mom! I just heard the word Arschloch!!!!"

ME: Um, Mike? This is like sitting in The Outback in Orlando and shouting out "Mom, blah blah blah ASSHOLE!!!!"

I can't believe R&R is almost over. We drop Fred off at Rhein Main AFB tomorrow between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m.

By all accounts, the goodbye after R&R is a million times worse than the initial goodbye. I would have been inclined to agree based on our experience after the SJA conference in October. But I'm really feeling OK right now. I'm not happy, naturally. But we're almost done. We're really almost done!! The kids and I have got 6 months worth of stuff to cram into the remaining 4.5 months of this deployment, and I think we're going to make it.

I'm way behind on my email, so if I owe you a letter, please know that I feel mildly guilty about it but not so guilty that I would have taken one precious moment of these past 17 days to empty out my inbox. That's tops on my list of stuff to accomplish this weekend though, so you should hear from me soon. Also, I have a week's worth of photos and video that I need to get uploaded. Check back soon! I've got video of Fred and me trying to learn how to unicycle as well as updated photos of our daily-growing children back to back with the incredible shrinking Fred.

One more goodbye, one more hello, and then this whole hellacious chapter in our lives is O-V-E-R!!!!!

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