Thursday, February 24, 2005

Free to home 

I have no personal experience with Freecycle, but it's very popular among my invisible friends. As I understand it, there are email lists for different geographical areas and members of these lists can advertise to find new homes for their unwanted belongings. My invisible friend Jennifer reported finding the following on her local Freecycle list a few days ago:

She is a 13-year-old papillion (butterfly dog) who in her youth was a show dog who won numerous awards. She was my aunt's baby but was loved so much she was neglected and spoiled.

She is a nasty dog. She bites me and the children. Thankfully she only has half her teeth and leaves no marks. She has no manners and doesn't know the meaning of play. She has no idea what a ball or chew toy is. Until I got her, she spent her life in a 9X12 foot room with linoleum on the floor and was allowed to urinate where she pleased. Needless to say, she has kept up that habit. I try to let her out every 2 hours. She sleeps in a cat carrier at night. Unless I chase her out of my garage or off the step, she does her business right there.

It's not her fault really. She hasn't been taught otherwise, nor had contact with people let alone loud kids. She is a beautiful dog who basically eats, sleeps, and pees on my doorway carpet!

She has a cardiac issue which she receives meds for and needs a dental cleaning soon. Otherwise, I swear to god she will live forever.

I can't take it anymore. I am a recent single mom with small children, and her days are numbered at my house. If you can give me a good reason why you would want this dog (her name is Sea Bee), then she's yours.
Hard to believe, but as of today there are apparently no takers.

How on earth could anyone pass on such an opportunity? Why if I didn't already have a dog... and a bird... and a hamster... and 4 kids... well, you know. :)
Hey there Bonnie,
I'm very aware of the Freecycle craze over here, I use it often. I've gotten some wonderful stuff free, and given away some too. Now some days I'd love to post things like say, my husband or my first born child, but alas they don't accept those things around here. I guess some places will let you post anything though. :-) They don't allow pets on the lists I'm on. I sure wish I lived near that beautiful dog, I'd take it in a heartbeat.... YEAH RIGHT!! You couldn't pay me to take that dog. TMI! Ivy
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