Saturday, January 15, 2005

The week in review 

Monday: Hmmm . . . Monday is a blur.

Tuesday: We drove to Orlando to catch Phantom of the Opera on the big screen. I loved it, but the Phantom reminded me a lot of John Travolta's character in Pulp Fiction, and I kept expecting him to bust into a funky dance with Uma Thurman. Also, a LOUD sound system is not the same thing as a GOOD sound system, and it would have been much more enjoyable with digital sound.

The best part was watching Annabelle's enchantment with it. She would, she declared afterwards, "haul my cookies all the way to Orlando every day for a week to see that again." Afterwards, in the restroom, she drew some interesting looks when she declared to my mother, "That's the first time I've ever heard those songs in English!" (You may recall how studiously I prepared for seeing the show in German in Stuttgart last May. We had German Phantom blaring through the house for weeks on end.) Also, she has put the Phantom on her short list of "things I might be next Halloween."

Wednesday: Annabelle spent the evening playing with her friend Karen while I went out to dinner with my friend Cathy. I have launched a major campaign to convince Cathy that she needs to come visit us in Germany and accompany us on a weeklong, whirlwind tour of Spain and Portugal. We are in need of adult supervision, and Cathy can habla the ol' español. Por favor, Cathy?

Thursday: Mike had been lobbying for several days for a trip to the local skatepark, and this seemed like the last decent weather day for a while to do it. There was no skating though, as both kids took advantage of mostly having the park to themselves to practice on their unicycling skills. As before, these pictures are clickable links to a short video clip.

Annabelle is doing really great. By the time we left the park that day, she was able to start off holding the rail and then let go and continue to ride unassisted a good 20 feet:

Mike zipped up and down some of the smaller ramps on his regular uni. Then he switched to the giraffe uni and held on to the fence to practice idling. He drew some interesting stares from people who drove by:

Friday: The heavy rain came very close to spoiling my plans to get together with my cousin Ally over in Leesburg to celebrate our common birthday (on February 3, I will be twenty-eighteen). At the last minute though, the skies cleared and we were able to get together for a fun evening of good conversation, fruity mixed drinks, and enough food for a small army. Happy early birthday to us:

I arrived home last just before Jenny and Jeff arrived for the weekend. Annabelle greeted them with hats, which they happily modeled for the camera:

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