Friday, January 21, 2005


My sister has been begging me to postpone our return to Germany, and as of tonight it looks like she has gotten her wish. I went online this afternoon to confirm our reservations and discovered that a huge winter storm is set to land in Philly tomorrow afternoon the same time as our plane. We can rebook without penalty to any time in the next 7 days. So now the big question is when to go? I'm holding off on making a decision until tomorrow morning when Fred might know something more about R&R.

This last-minute reprieve from packing has given me time to mess around with some pictures and videos I shot today of my 2-kid circus. Mike and Annabelle have discovered that they can hold hands and ride. Click on the picture to watch the action:

Annabelle has gotten really good in the past week or 2. We sent her poles back to Germany last weekend, and she hasn't even missed them. Here's a video of her showing off her new skills:

Now that she has mastered getting started with assistance, Annabelle has been working on learning how to free mount. Click here to see.

Also, be sure to check out these clips of Mike riding one-footed, riding and juggling, and showing off his diabolo.

And in other news, in case you were wondering how stupid Eddie looks when he falls asleep with his tongue hanging out, the answer is . . . pretty stupid:

Here's a shot of Eddie and Willis enjoying each other's company:

Eddie is going to hang out in Florida with Willis and his peeps when we go back to Germany (whenever that may be). It's highly likely that we will be moving back to the States this summer, so I think that this will simplify things as far as the cats are concerned. We can just pick them both up on our way to god only knows where.

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