Sunday, January 30, 2005

Phantom Phanatic 

I took myself to Kinopolis this morning for a third viewing of Phantom of the Opera, or should I say Das Phantom der Oper. I enjoyed it just as much auf Deutsch
as I did the first 2 times in English, but I'm afraid things don't work out any better for the Phantom the third time around.

My sister and I disagree vehemently about this movie. I say the Phantom was misunderstood, pushed to the brink by an unfeeling world. I'm sure that had I been Christine, I could have rehabilitated him. Jenny, on the other hand, says that if SHE had been Christine, the movie would have been only 15 minutes long, as that's about the length of time it would have taken her to slap him with a restraining order.

For a taste of German Phantom (not to be confused with German Fanta, Annabelle's beverage of choice), click here. If they pester you to log in, tell them you're "bonnieblog" and that your password is "09086."

A few random notes on this morning's cinematic experience:

1. I love that you can buy beer at a German movie theater for an 11:00 show on a Sunday morning. I love that people DO, in fact, buy beer at a German movie theater on Sunday morning. I didn't, as I'm not much of a beer fan--I had apple juice instead--but I find the whole idea oddly appealing. It's nice to know that if I had WANTED a brewski, I could have had one. Unlike in San Antonio, TX, where they won't sell you beer before 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday even if you promise not to consume it until the evening.

2. The ads are always interesting at the movies here in Germany. Picture today's most memorable clip: A sexy young woman stands up wearing nothing but a black lace thong. Her long hair sweeps allurlingly down either side of her face, but it doesn't obscure the sight of her naked breasts as she saunters toward the camera. She reaches down and plucks a walnut from a bowl of nuts. With a come-hither look on her face, she turns to the side . . . places the nut between her butt cheeks . . . and squeezes, really hard. CRACK (pun 100% intended)! She removes the wrecked nut from her rear end and eats the meat. The sponsor? A fitness club. I tried really, really hard to find a link to this ad online, but alas, I had no luck.

3. It's always fun to see previews in German for movies I'm familiar with in English. It's even more interesting though to find out about original German films. Today I saw a preview for what looks like a really good movie, Barfuss (translated: "Barefoot"). Check the website for the preview; here's a translation of the synopsis:

Nick Keller is the black sheep of his family. He loses one job after another. His stepfather Heinrich and his brother Viktor consider him a failure. Only his mother believes in him.

At his new job in a psychiatric clinic, Nick prevents at the last minute the suicide of a young woman, Leila. When Nick leaves the clinic in the evening, she follows him home and all of a sudden stands in his kitchen, in her nightgown and barefoot.

Nick is at a loss. Leila will not let him bring her back to the clinic. She has decided to remain with him. Nick, who has never in his life taken responsibility for someone else, and Leila, who grew up totally isolated from the outside world, embark together on a trip that will change their lives.

Opening March 31, and on my list of Movies To See.

4. Every time I go near Kinopolis, I remind myself to blog the punk-rock baby who pops up in commercials and leers at us from a billboard on the side of the theater. Apparently, he's the mascot for a radio station. The kids and I call him "Scary Baby." Can you see why?

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