Saturday, January 22, 2005

An extra Saturday in DeLand 

I felt really good this morning when I got up and didn't have to go racing for the airport. I felt even better when I checked my email and found that Fred's request for R&R has been approved for 1-15 February. I have rebooked our departure for Tuesday, and we should have Fred with us roughly a week later. Hooray!

Jenny and Jeff came up to see us off at the airport, and we're enjoying having an extra weekend together. This afternoon we went with my dad to the Woodruff Wildlife Refuge (a.k.a. in the Boyd family as the "gator bowl").

Mike thinks he might very well be the first person to unicycle at the gator bowl:

We stopped along the way to gawk at a couple of sandhill cranes:

The kids insisted that we climb the birdwatching tower, where Annabelle enjoyed peeking through Papa Boyd's binoculars:

I took this panorama of the area from the tower:

I said when we got there that I wasn't leaving without seeing an alligator. Fortunately, we saw this fellow on our way out:

We capped off our day with a visit to Bellini's and then spent the evening watching movies and old family videos.

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