Monday, December 06, 2004

The other day we awoke to find a real cheery story on the front page of the Daytona newspaper. Seems a tiny little kitten had managed to get itself stranded on a strip underneath a bridge some 65 to 70 feet up in the air. Firefighters worked for several hours to get to the poor little critter, but they just couldn't reach it. Finally, rather than leaving the kitten to starve to death, the firefighters set out poison-laced food and gave up.

Isn't that a happy way to start the day? As though one doesn't generally feel bad enough about any news that rates a spot on the first page, we got the additional thrill of knowing that a doomed kitten would soon be making its final exit.

Today though we got the happy news that the kitten is safe and sound. Apparently, the kitten had the good sense to stay away from the poisoned food, but was still crying to be rescued several days later. The fire department decided to take another stab at a rescue, this time using a trap baited with sardines. Within a couple of hours, they had their cat and the cat had a new name ("Miss Trouble") and a new home with paramedic Gail Irvin:

And in other quasi-local news . . .

We were flipping channels the other night when we heard the town of Inverness mentioned on a repeat episode of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." Seems the town had planned a festival in celebration of the local water turtle commonly known as the "cooter." The problem was . . . that's not the only thing commonly known as a cooter. In the interest of maintaining my PG to PG-13 rating, I won't say anything more except that you should click here if you want to watch something that is pee-your-pants funny.

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