Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas! 

It's a one-wheeled Christmas here in DeLand, FL. Just like there are no atheists in foxholes, everybody believes in Santa during the run-up to Christmas. Mike is no exception and asked the jolly old elf to bring him a 5-foot-tall giraffe unicycle. I don't know how Santa fit this sucker in the sleigh or got it down the chimney. You can click on this picture to watch a Windows media file of Mike mastering the giraffe:

Annabelle hadn't thought to ask for a unicycle, but she was plenty pleased with the one that Fred and I gave her. Click on this picture to see her getting started with a little help from Mimmy and Papa Boyd:

Annabelle has become an American Girl maniac and asked Santa for her first AG doll. Her doll of choice was Josephina, and she was very excited this morning to see Josephina sitting beside her stocking:

Mike got a diabolo, which he hopes to add to his repertoire of circus stunts:

Jenny's fiance Jeff surprised us last night and hung around long enough this morning to watch the kids get their Santa presents and unload their stockings. Here's Jeff enjoying his Christmas gin:

As part of my ongoing campaign to showcase the cats enjoying the Christmas tree my mom worked so hard to put up, I offer you this shot of Celia:

We've had as pleasant a Christmas as possible under the circumstances. It's not the same though without Fred, and we miss him terribly, especially today. I do think that going to Florida has been a good move for us. The constant activity has been a welcome distraction and is definitely helping the time go by more quickly for us.

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