Tuesday, December 21, 2004

For anybody who might be wondering, Fred was not in Mosul for this most recent attack. He was there last week though, and has eaten in that dining facility.

We gave up on MGM Studios this afternoon at around 2:00 when the crowds became unbearable. I got back to the hotel room, turned on the computer, and saw the news and immediately had my own mini-breakdown. There is so much I want to say, about how much I hate this war, about how sick I am of hearing people "support" it when it hasn't required one ounce of sacrifice for them, about how disappointed I am in my fellow Americans that we would ratify the continued reign of that lying dirtbag we call a president. I can't do it right now though because I'm shaking too hard to type coherently and I keep having to go back to remove all the curse words. Just know in your heart that when I say "lying dirtbag," I'm thinking something much, much worse.

We have had fun at Disney, but I am glad it's almost over. We have traveled plenty since Fred deployed, and I always feel a bit strange to be having fun when he is not. The level of forced hilarity and frolic here though feels downright perverted. One must always be on one's guard not to rip off one's clothes in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. and jump up and down shouting: "Jesus Christ, people! There's a WAR on!!! What is WRONG with you?!?"

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