Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Five days with the big mouse 

[Written January 18, 2005, but stuck here to preserve chronology]

We spent the better part of a week at Disney with Annabelle's friend Annie and her family. My sister came with us for most of the time, and all in all we had a blast. I think I will let my ImageStation album tell the story, although I must share one rather interesting story that I unfortunately have no photos of.

I was standing in the checkout line at the store in EPCOT's French sector, when I noticed that my right shoe had come untied. I had a backpack on my back, and a buttpack on my front, and I was exhausted and just didn't have what it would have taken to bend over and tie the laces. Mike was standing there twiddling his thumbs, so I said, "Hey, dude, do your poor ol' mom a favor, will ya, and tie my shoe." In spite of the untold years I spent tying his laces in his formative years, Mike balked at my simple (if lazy) plea for help.

All of a sudden the man ahead of me in line turned around, knelt down, and TIED MY SHOE! And then he tied the other one, doubling the knots on both shoes to keep me securely laced for the remainder of the day. Isn't that just amazingly nice and horrifically embarassing, all at once?

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