Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas happenings 

Yesterday I got to meet another one of my internet buddies. My sister and I took the kids over to Leesburg to meet Wendy and her son Rory, who are vacationing in Florida for the holidays. I've "known" Wendy since we lived in Hawaii, but this was our first IRL ("in real life") meet.

We met for lunch at Red Lobster. The kids were shy at first but soon warmed up and were chatting eagerly about dogs, cartoons, and Playmobil sets. After lunch, we got to meet Wendy and Rory's dog, Woody. Jenny took this picture of our group:

Today my Grandma Grace came over for Christmas dinner. While Dad gave Mike some guitar pointers, Grandma gave Annabelle her first ukulele lessons:

The cats are taking turns basking under the tree. Today was Oliver's turn:

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