Thursday, November 04, 2004

I thought about starting my first post-election post with a portrait of our beloved president composed from pictures of our service members who have died in Iraq. I've decided though that I'm just too burnt out to rant about the election, so I'll just say this: Echt unglaublich, dass dieser verdammte Scheisskerl diese Wahl gewonnen hat! So ein Mist, jetzt müssen wir ihn nochmal vier Jahre lang ertragen. Scheisse, Scheisse, Scheisse!!!! I was disappointed to learn that Germans don't really use an F word when they cuss. That's too bad. I sure could have used one.

I have been besieged by requests for Fred's secret recipe for BBQ meatballs. I've never been any good at keeping secrets (except for about that one thing my sister did back in high school), so here it is: Pour a bag of frozen meatballs into a crockpot. Add a jar of BBQ sauce. Add a jar of grape jelly. Turn on crockpot. Wait a while. Eat the meatballs. See why we keep this a secret? It sounds disgusting, but it really is good.

And now for something funny and unrelated to politics! My sister and 2 of her coworkers dressed up as the three blind mice for the company Halloween party. Jenny is the mouse on the right:

Aren't they cute? It's the back view though that really cracks me up:

She also sent me this picture of a couple of her friends. Bet you can't guess what they are:

Why, that's the upper and lower GI!!

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