Sunday, November 28, 2004

I can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted. I'm in Florida at my folks' house now, and I haven't gotten around to hooking my laptop up to their internet connection. I've been having to sneak off to their office just to check email a couple times a day, and frankly there just hasn't been anything terribly blogworthy to report.

I found out at the last minute Monday evening that Condor airlines would let me check my bags that night for my flight on Tuesday. I raced up to Frankfurt airport with my friend Phil and 200 pounds of my most essential junk. That gave us some extra time to sleep in the next morning, and we made it to our gate with time to spare.

My cat Eddie was a real champ for the journey. I had to pull him out of his carrier at least 3 times to go through security checks, and he was quite well behaved each time.

My friend Cathy picked us up at the Orlando airport with her husband Jose and delivered us to my parents' house here in DeLand. Good thing they brought an SUV, as our 200 pounds of junk plus 15 pounds of cat takes up some space!

My sister came to DeLand on Wednesday to spend the holiday weekend, and my grandmother came for dinner on Thursday. On Friday we all headed over to Leesburg for a second Thanksgiving at my Aunt Hazel's house. Yesterday we just vegged out here, and today Jenny and I took the kids to see the Spongebob movie (sucks, sucks, sucks) and then out for milkshakes at Friendly's. Tomorrow we shall begin to settle into what should be our new routine for the next few weeks and hope to get some schoolwork done.

I just spent a couple hours sorting through the backlog of digital photos I have on my laptop, and it made me a little nostalgic to see my pictures from last Christmas in Germany. I know I'll miss the Christmas markets, and I already miss the hot spiced wine. I'm really glad we came though--already almost an entire week has flown by, and the passage of time is what it's all about this year.

Speaking of time, the only thing that I really don't like about being over here is the time difference that this puts between us and Fred. In Germany, he is only a couple hours ahead of me, and we frequently get into email conversations over the course of the day. Here, he is just getting to work when we are going to bed. I always wake up to a good morning email, but by then it's almost the end of the day for him. We did have one bit of good news from him though in his Thanksgiving phone call: They have upgraded the phone lines, and he can now call us from his office using a phone card! The kids are excited by this new development, and we hope it means we can talk a little more often now that Fred won't have to go stand in line at the phone tents.

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