Friday, October 01, 2004

You know what true relief is? True relief is hearing on the radio yesterday that 3 car bombs exploded in Baghdad, killing 50+ people--most of them children who were getting candy from soldiers--and KNOWING that there is no way your husband was anywhere near there. Not thinking "Well, odds are that Fred wouldn't be attending the opening of a sewage treatment plant," but knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn't even in the country at the time. I feel so bad though for the people who don't get to share my relief.

Fred was in Kuwait yesterday, and last night he flew home to Germany to collect the clothing and uniforms he needs for the conference next week. Tomorrow he will fly from Frankfurt to Baltimore by way of New York/Newark, and the kids and I will meet him at the USO at BWI.

Fred's Blazer is in storage in Mannheim, and my van is in the parking lot at Rhein-Main AFB. Fortunately, Fred was able to rent a really cool ride for the day:

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