Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Well, I finally voted in Flori-duh today. I hope I did anyway. I dropped my ballot off at the post office this afternoon, after my attempt at faxing it failed yesterday.

When I received my absentee ballot from the Mosquito State, it was printed on regular (bright orange) paper. This, I was told, was because the whole issue of third-party candidates was not resolved in time for them to make the mailing deadline with official ballots printed on cardstock. Absentee voters were encouraged to use these "advance ballots" to cast their votes--either by mail or fax--and the results would be transcribed onto cardstock ballots back home if their cardstock ballots never made it out to the voters and back again. I'm still waiting for my official ballot to arrive. Anybody but me nervous about this?

Yes, as a matter of fact! John Schorr, a sociology professor at my university (go, Hatters!), wrote a good editorial on this topic for the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

I hope that I can soon return to posting about the quirky experiences that make life as an American in Europe unique. We've got a 5-day trip to Austria planned for early November with my friend Gretchyn and her daughter Alex, so I'm sure I'll have interesting tales from that. Plus, I've still got to blog the second half of our Russia trip. For now, however, I'm obsessed, and I honestly can't see much beyond the election.

That doesn't mean, however, that I'm immune to a good chuckle. I found the following just a little while ago:

It was posted on one of my all-time favorite blogs, Today in Iraq. I read it faithfully every day and would encourage you to check it out.

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